Monday, February 14, 2005

the way i am

i don't like to wake up early, but i love to cook. running was the last pleasure i discovered. i have two amazing brothers, both older than me.

i was born 3 days after christmas and 3 days before the end of the year. this means i never got birthday presents as a child - only from my parents who didn't want to have a traumatized daughter. i love chocolate (almost can't stand a day without it! i already had some today...)

i think the world would be such a better place if people could put a smile on their faces and realize how good it is to be alive. i sleep with socks on every single night - summer or winter. i can't stand mayo (how can people like raw eggs and oil?).

i am in love with my family and it kills me to be away from them.

some people call me spoiled but if i were you i wouldn't do so cause it makes me really upset. going to the movies and to dinner afterwards is the perfect way to spend a saturday night to me. oh, and by the way my favorite day of the week is thursday.

i would love to be a little bit taller, a little bit thinner and a little bit less worried.

i love life and i have no talent to write.

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