Tuesday, May 03, 2005

May you live long

We stand for broccoli. For Pilates. And dental floss. We believe in the treadmill and its siblings StairMaster, and ellptical. In SPF 30 we trust. We stand for seat belts and stopping HIV. And we believe fruit makes a wonderful dessert. We have faith in optimism. In laughter as medicine as well as penicillin. And we pledge allegiance to one nation, indivisible with resistance and cardio for all. We believe in physical therapy, psychotherapy, even music as therapy. All hail cold turkey, the gum, and the patch. We’re anti-addiction. Pro-antioxidant. And have never met a vegetable we didn’t like. We believe there is art to medicine as well as science. And we believe health isn’t an industry, it’s a cause.

* Comercial de TV de um hospital daqui que enche meus olhos de lagrima toda vez que assisto. (Eu sei, ando muito sensivel)

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